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Hush Up Sweet Charlotte Film to Screen at Sea on the Cinema Diverse Cruise to Alaska and at The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Cinema Diverse, The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, announced today that it will feature a world-wide exclusive sneak preview of the film, Hush Up Sweet Charlotte, during its upcoming Cinema Diverse Cruise to Alaska August 28-September 4, 2015.

Written and directed by noted Film Director/Writer, Billy Clift, Hush Up is an homage to the 1964 Hush…Hush Sweet Charlotte film starring the iconic actresses Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland.  In Clift’s film, the leads include parody performances by drag superstars Matthew Martin and Varla Jean Merman.  Emmy-nominated actor/producer, David Millbern, also stars as Dr. Drew.   The feature role of housekeeper Velma, originally performed by Agnes Moorhead, is played by Mink Stole, made famous by cult film director, John Waters.  Other cast members include accomplished comedian/actor Jason Stuart and rising star Jesse Pepe. There are also cameos by Raja Gemini, season 3 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and international drag performer and recording artist, Honey Mahogany.  The film is produced by HERE Media

Hush Up is the story of an aging, reclusive Southern belle with a horrifying hidden family secret.  It tracks her descent into madness (with the help of a lost relative) as she fights to save her family’s historic plantation.  Will she keep her sanity and home, or will she lose it all to divisive interlopers with their own agendas?  The film keeps everyone guessing until the very end.

Clift, whose other hit films include Baby Jane? and I Want to Get Married says, “Ever since I made Baby Jane? back in 2010, I imagined making Hush Up as my sequel.  I knew Martin and Merman were perfect for the roles.  It was at a screening of Baby Jane? in Chicago that I asked Mink Stole to join the cast.  She sat next to me, loved the film, and that’s when she agreed to be part of Hush Up.  Four years later, we were able to start filming.”

In addition to Hush Up, the Cinema Diverse Cruise to Alaska will offer a preview of several films set to screen at the 2015 Festival, including another HERE Media premiere - From here! on OUT – The Movie.  According to Michael Green, Managing Director of Cinema Diverse, “Billy Clift (Hush Up Writer/Director), David Milbern (Hush Up Actor/Producer), Terry Ray (From here! on OUT – The Movie  lead actor) and representatives from HERE Media (Producers of the film and the Media Sponsor for the Festival) will join the cruise as special guests for the screening at sea and Hush Up Sweet Charlotte. 

HUSH UP will also be our centerpiece screening at the Festival in Palm Springs on Saturday, September 19th.  We hope to have many of the film’s stars attend that very special screening.” Cinema Diverse, The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, will be celebrating its eighth year September 17-20, 2015.

For more information about the Alaska Cruise, call Adam Rog of Worldview Travel at 888-663-9936.  For details about this year’s Festival, visit


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