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6:00pm THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT (78 Minutes)
THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT (Jack Gold, 1975, UK, 78 Minutes)

"Never keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level. It's cheaper" -- Quentin Crisp

THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT created a furor in 1975 when it premiered on PBS in North America with both viewers and sponsors threatening to yank their support. It was a film ahead of its time about a man even more ahead of his time. Despite the uproar, the film remained on the air and garnered strong critical acclaim, Emmy Award nominations and a Best Actor British Television Academy Award for John Hurt's extraordinary performance.

THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT is based on the autobiography of Quentin Crisp, a man struggling to live an openly gay, flamboyant lifestyle during a time when homosexuality was against the law in Britain. Mr. Crisp's outlandish behavior shocked the intolerant pre-WWII British society and provoked frequent homophobic attacks, but Crisp staunchly refused to compromise his lifestyle and went on to become a cult celebrity and an international gay icon, a 20th-Century Oscar Wilde.

Some thirty four years after its television premiere, THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT still remains bold and original. In fact, it is a uniquely adult "coming of age" tale which perfectly balances itself with humor and tragedy.

7:20pm -- 10-15 Minute Intermission

7:30pm AN ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK (74 Minutes)

Outspoken, outlandish and utterly unwilling to conform, legendary Quentin Crisp’s tale is the tale of homosexuality in the 20th century. Commonly accepted as the first “out” man in Britain, Crisp’s 1968 biography inspired the 1975 award-winning TV film The Naked Civil Servant, starring John Hurt. But when it comes to the flamboyant performer and king of social commentary, one film could never have been sufficient.

An Englishman in New York (starring Hurt in a reprisal of the role) chronicles the latter third of the icon’s life. Where The Naked Civil Servant was about Quentin’s going against the heterosexual grain in the UK, Englishman is the converse, a moving tale about a man who still refuses to follow the rules, even within the budding gay culture of the 1970s and ’80s in New York. Britain’s most famous homosexual sashays stateside with the help of Manhattan agent Connie Clausen (the always amazing Swoosie Kurtz), who gets Quentin resident alien status based on his “unique qualities.” Along the way, Connie finds Quentin a film review gig at The Village Voice and highly entertaining friendships are formed with New York’s bohemian set, played by Denis O’Hare, Jonathan Tucker (who played Tilda Swinton’s gay son in The Deep End), and Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon. He quickly becomes the toast of New York society and a fixture on the champagne and peanuts circuit, and Quentin’s 1981 one-man-show “How to Be Happy” delights ever-more-mainstream audiences. Loose lips get Quentin in a pickle, but this time with the gays. Ninety-year-old Quentin’s final jaunt with theater brings this intelligent and entertaining biopic to a close, as new audiences experience the joy of Quentin Crisp for the first time.

8:50pm Exit Theatre
9:00pm After Party


1:30PM PATRIK, AGE 1.5

PATRIK, AGE 1.5 (Sweden, 2008, 100 minutes, Dir. Ella Lemhagen) Delightful comedy of errors about two gay dads whose dream of starting a family turns into a nightmare when a mistake is made and their adoption of a cute little "baby boy" arrives in the form of an embittered homophobic 15-year-old juvenile delinquent named Patrik.

GIVE ME YOUR HAND (France, 2009, 80 Minutes, Dir. Pascal-Alex Vincent) Startlingly original, sexy and often times obscure tale of twin brothers (Alexandre Carril and Victor Carril) who experience a severe onslaught of sibling rivalry and the emergence of their repressed sexual egos while on the road from France to Spain to attend their mother's funeral.


PORNOGRAPHY: A THRILLER (USA, 2009, 113 Minutes, Dir. David Kittredge) Trippy, psychological creep-show about a gay porn star who mysteriously vanished after deciding to leave the business at the height of his fame in 1995 and a young New York writer who becomes obsessed with investigating the circumstances of the model's strange disappearance some 14 years later.



OUT OF THE BLUE (France, 2007, 95 Minutes, Dir. Alain Tasma) Endearing, beautifully acted, DESERT HEARTS inspired tale of a middle-aged mother and wife (the lovely Mireille Perrier) who leaves her husband only to find an unrealized inner life when she encounters a beautiful, independent, free spirit dancer named Claude (Rachida Brakni).

1:30PM A PLACE TO LIVE: THE STORY OF TRIANGLE SQUARE (Centerpiece Documentary Film)
A PLACE TO LIVE: THE STORY OF TRIANGLE SQUARE (USA, 2008, 84 Minutes, Dir. Carolyn Coal) -- DOCUMENTARY CENTERPIECE FILM Outrageously entertaining, inspiring and highly moving documentary which chronicles the journey of seven brave individuals as they attempt to secure a home in Triangle Square, Hollywood, the nation's first affordable housing project for LGBT seniors. "Best Documentary Award Winner" at Los Angeles's OUTFEST.

4:30PM RIVERS WASH OVER ME (Centerpiece Dramatic Film)

RIVERS WASH OVER ME (USA, 2009, 89 Minutes, Dir. John G. Young) -- DRAMATIC CENTERPIECE FILM Emotionally rigorous, brave account of an intelligent 15-year-old who is forced to relocate from New York City to live with his extended family in rural North Carolina where he chooses to continue to live an open life in a community where sexual, racial and class conflicts rage.


LUCKY BASTARD (USA, 2009, 95 Minutes, Dir. Everett Lewis) Dark, highly provocative noir tale of a young architect whose carefully designed life spirals out of control after he is picked up by a gorgeous hustler. This twisted, complex, highly sexual come-on of a film is the latest creation from Sundance Prize winning director Everett Lewis (NATURAL HISTORY OF PARKING LOTS, SKIN AND BONE, LUSTER.)



DROOL (USA, 2009, 86 Minutes, Dir. Nancy Kissam) A deadpan Southern family gets a radical makeover when a colorful, free-spirit, Kathy K. Cosmetics saleswoman enters their gothic world to liberate some, inspire others and teach all the glories of purple eye shadow. Gorgeous Laura Harring (David Lynch’s MULHOLLAND DRIVE) and sexy Jill Marie Jones (TV’s "Girlfriends") star.

THE BUTCH FACTOR (USA, 2009, 88 Minutes, Dir. Christopher Hines) -- SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PREMIERE! Fast paced and revealing documentary which investigates the complex and intertwining nature of masculinity and homosexuality from the point of view a cross-section of jocks, queens, clones, Bears and gym rats who open up a healthy (and hot) discussion of what it means to be gay and a man.


HOLLYWOOD, JE T'AIME (USA, 2009, 95 Minutes, Dir. Jason Bushman) CLOSING NIGHT PRESENTATION Delightful, charming and hugely entertaining laugh riot about a romantic Frenchman who, when burned by love, escapes the gorgeous black and white reality of his cherished Paris for the strange neon glare of the City of Angeles. A sweet, surprising, fish-out-of-water story that ultimately becomes one of the funniest satires of the absurdities of the low-level Hollywood showbiz world ever! Adorable Eric Debets and handsome gay icon Chad Allen (SAVE ME, 2008 Cinema Diverse Closing Night Film) star. From the makers of KISSING JESSICA STEIN.

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